PS3 Start in Europe


On friday the official ps3 sale in europe will start. Unfortunately the ps3 is even now sold out cause of the hight amount of reservations. So you must be really lucky to grab one. I got the news that amazon has some pieces left so buy it now and you will get it for guaranty on friday. Very strange thing besides: I never had a ps1 or a ps2 when I was younger, but now, just neary grown up I’m fully into video gaming. In fact I just have one video game for my psp and use it mostly for programming and homebrew apps. For me the psp is the most awesome piece of hardware you can put into your pocket.

Now back to the ps3: I started today as a partner site of my psp dev page a new ps3 blog that will inform you about homebrew and dev on the ps3. Coolest thing about homebrew capabilities of it: Sony offically supports a special Linux version running on the ps3. So i think there will be really exiting stuff to write on.

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2 Gedanken zu “PS3 Start in Europe

  1. I thought they still had plenty of PS3s available in the UK, you can buy some on release, although there were only 220,000 of them.

  2. What a pleasure that my birthday is in 4 weeks. If i am honest my wife buys me one if i am lucky *gg*

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